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Level 3 - Structural Blade Repair

The listed blade technician is qualified to perform repairs of complete blade structure according to instructions on all types of WTG blades, according to Global Blade Service Standard.


The blade technician will be able to:

  • Carry out inspection and categorizing of complicated damage to blade structure
  • Define root cause for complicated damage
  • Carry out repairs of complete blade structure according to instructions

Fill in inspection reports and documentation for damages and repairs

Level 3 Technicians

Company Name:
Company Name
Michael Hodgson
Arweinfa, Gwaenysgor

LL18 6EP
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+44 07810 333397
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Miscellaneous Information:

Level 1 certificate for Michael Hodgson

Level 2 certificate for Michael Hodgson

Level 3 certificate for Michael Hodgson